Bissell Brothers Three Rivers

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"The Bissell brothers, Peter and Noah from Milo, Maine, are brash young entrepreneurs in charge of one of New England’s hottest breweries, a hop-mad magnet for local and national attention. They came roaring out of the gate in late 2013 with a drink called Substance, a citrusy, herbal ale designed to be drunk fresh.

Peter Bissell, a 32-year-old whose self-confidence and intense self-study of business principles informs the brewery’s ethos, doesn’t hesitate to proclaim Bissell Brothers Brewing Company’s countercultural chops: “A company like us has never existed in Maine before.”

- Beer Advocate

When Bissell Brothers decided to bring their brewing expertise and extensive following to Milo, the new space's logo and branding had to reflect their hip, bold style while staying true to their small hometown of Milo. One of Milo's most distinct features is it's three main rivers, hence the namesake for the Bissell Bros. second location that would focus on more barrel aged sours and experimental beers. The logo was a bold but simple, geometric representation of the town of Milo.